Why Modern Languages learning in our schools should be taken seriously

Hi All,

Below is a link to a article that I read today in the BBC news and of which I feel is of real importance to our children’s education and the future of Modern languages learning in Britain.

We urgently need to be in tune and in step with the rest of Europe with regards to language learning – Spanish for expample, being the important language that it is along with English today. I think it has been a long time coming and really hope that the plans for making modern languages a serious part of the school curriculum and changing the start age for learning languages to seven instead of eleven will come into fruition very soon.

More people being able to speak a foreign language such as Spanish, French, German etc will be an asset to Britain and to the economy. Languages such as Chinese, Russian and Japanese are also increasingly becoming more important as we trade with these countries more a more on a reguar basis. Our future workforces need to be conversant with these languages in order to be equipped in a modern world for economic success. So far, we have fallen embarrasingly short in this field, even to the point of being the laughing stock of Europe as to why  as a nation we can’t cope in any other language but our own.

Well, perhaps the new government proposals mark the seeds of change in this situation and in the future we will see many more people able to go out and converse confidently in a different language bringing more kudos, friends and trade to Britain. Please read this if you can.