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English courses for Au-pairs

Hello, I would like to talk about a set of people who we have always worked with since the start of Connect to English. These are the Au-pairs who work for families that live in or around Colchester and also talk about the English courses for Au-pairs that we are planning for the New Year. Reasons […]

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Where did English come from? A brief history

Do you have a good grasp of the English language? Have you ever wondered about the origins of the English language as it is spoken in Britain and in the wider world today? For many speakers, they are aware of the rich and varying input that the English language has gained over the centuries from […]

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Borrowing the English language

The following article taken from the BBC News magazine this month demonstrates beautifully how language is a living, breathing thing. We have borrowed, adapted, soaked up and absorbed many thousands of words over centuries from other languages and countries. The English language as we now know it and speak it today is an amalgamation of […]

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