Spanish Language and Culture

When you think of learning a new language, what do you think of? Do you expect to learn the grammar and vocabulary, conversation skills, writing, listening skills etc?

Of course you do. But what else do you think might be essential for good language learning and an enjoyable experience?

I’m referring of course, to learning something about the culture of the language.

When we learn a language, learning about the culture of the country the language belongs to is just as important as learning the words of the language themselves.

This is because, language and culture go hand in hand and knowing about the behaviour, the traditions, the ways of the people and what is important and particular to them, helps make the language you’re learning really come alive!

If we talk about learning Spanish, for example, you would get to know about the tastes in food and eating out, some history that has shaped the country, the current and best-loved music, attitudes to popular culture, Spanish homelife and much more.

These things, as well as being of interest,  will help build up your vocabulary, listening and reading skills, so will be of great benefit to the breadth of your Spanish language learning.

With all this in mind, we are running a Spanish Language and Culture course. It will take place in Colchester and will start at the end of January.

You will learn all the basics of the Spanish language which you can use while on holiday or travelling in Spain, while finding out about the essential culture and traditions the Spanish live and experience on a day to day basis, thereby making your course a really useful and enjoyable experience.

For details of the Spanish Language and Culture course, see our Spanish Language courses page.

Hasta Luego!