Second Language Learning – the benefits.

Hello Readers,

I have been away for a while  – work related (and also a little bit unwell) – but will be writing some more fresh articles now which I hope you will enjoy and find informative.

Connect to English is going to have a new guest blogger (ETK Consulting) shortly who is going to write about Africa and the impact of  second language learning on that continent, so it seems apt today that I talk about second language learning in general.

I thought for this I might do a “10 reasons to learn a second language” from my point of view, so here goes:

1) First and foremost it gives you insight, in-roads and general ‘insider’ information when abroad.

2)You can feel more confident when you can converse with the people who’s country you’re visiting.

3)People appreciate you ‘having a go’ at their language and will be friendly to you.

4)It’s great for the brain!  Language learning is a good mental challenge.

5) It looks very good on your CV.

6) It can lead to job or business opportunities- English and Spanish being key languages throughout the world.

7)You gain greater appreciation of other people’s culture and customs when you speak their language.

8) You can make more friends abroad (your author is a proof of this – I am going to my second Spanish wedding shortly)

9) It may actually be useful in real situations where you have to know someone’s language when you are visiting that country.

10) You’ll love it! Why not give it a try?

There are of course many other reasons – why don’t you reply with your ideas?

Look out also for new blog entries on Spanish.

I’ll be back soon.  Take care.