IELTS study important for entry into English universities

Hello to all International Students and welcome to 2012  from Diane at Connect to English.

Is your hope in the near future to gain entry to an English university and follow the degree course of your dreams?  If this is the case, as many of you will already know, this may be the year you will embark a course of study for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

If this is your choice you will certainly have some very hard studying ahead of you and nobody who is sane will tell you that the path to IELTS success (with an accompanying offer for your chosen university) is going to be easy.  Having coached IELTS students, however, and witnessed first hand their trials and successes, I can reassure you that with determination, plenty of hard work and some application, you can achieve the score you need.

Plenty of students embark on a General English course with just a vague idea of what IELTS actually entails and why it is needed.  They tell me they want to ‘do’ IELTS, then are surprised or disillusioned at exactly what they have to do to gain their goal, and exactly how much work is involved.  In the posts that follow, I am going to give you some advice, practical tips and good honest information that will help you with your IELTS journey and help you towards that essential good IELTS score.

Watch this space….