General Business English Course

Connect to English offers General Business English.  This is a course designed to help you if you work in an office, are starting your own business or need English tailored to any specific business sector.  You will focus on the vocabulary and structures you need for working more effectively in a business environment.

You can take General Business English only or with a General English component.  All four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing will be covered with particular emphasis on communication helping you to build confidence in a business environment.

With a General Business English course you can choose language items to suit you and we can be flexible to fit in with your needs.  Typical components include:

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Formal v. Informal language
  • Using e-mail and the internet
  • Making presentations
  • Marketing
  • Telephone handling skills
  • Letter writing techniques
  • Face-to face conversation skills
  • Business vocabulary
  • Business communication
  • Handling meetings
  • Memos
  • Writing reports/business admin

This is a sample list – you may choose from this or add others as necessary after consultation with your tutor depending on your business needs. We also offer a free, no obligation initial assessment.

In order to study on our General Business English course you will need to have already studied some English and have attained (B1) level.

Employerscall us now for a quote on individual or group tuition.  Use the enquiry form on the contact page to request further information or call us on 01206 504277.