Essential English skills for IELTS takers

We are now going to talk a little about the skills in English essential for you when embarking on IELTS.

An IELTS test will require you to be proficient in English over the four essential skills of:

Reading, writing, speaking and listening

IELTS operates a system whereby, if you achieve a score of say 5.5 in one skill, but 7.0 in another, your overall score can average out to give your final score.

This is obviously good if you are stronger in some skills and weaker in others, however, it’s a good strategy to try and ensure that you have put in just as much effort across the range of skills to give you the best chance of success.

In addition to the four skills, proficiency in vocabulary and grammar will be an expectation of your IELTS test.  This means you should try to have a good overall working use of English grammar and vocabulary, but also be familiar with the test-specific grammatical stuctures and vocabulary.

Books and downloads are available for you to revise and get to know these.  Websites exist also to help you practice and find out about specific skills areas.

Finally, look at the up-to date skills information and material provided in your IELTS practice paper books or on  to give you an informed guide on what you need to be practising and naturally, talk and practise with your tutor, college or test centre.

Have a look at the IELTS page and please feel free to contact us for more information.

Watch out  for more about reading, writing, speaking and listening  skills for IELTS later this week when I will give you some practical ideas for working on them…