English Language holidays

Good morning readers,

I hope everyone is well.  One thing I haven’t written on since the launch of my website and my language teaching service is the International language holiday market.

Why do people learn foreign languages? Of course the answer is for different reasons.  Some people learn purely for work purposes – perhaps they want to get a job in the UK or another country and so decide to study the language.

Perhaps they like English, Spanish or some other language and they study purely for a hobby or interest.  I have done this on several occasions including a couple of forays into Greek!

Another reason may be that someone wants or needs to relocate to another country so need to learn that country’s language.

But perhaps the most popular and general reason I hear as a language teacher for a person wanting to learn a new language is that when they go on holiday to a country they are able at least to converse with the people of that country at a basic level.

To get to do this some people choose to attend a class or self-learn via a course on the web.  Some go for classes with a private tutor, and some – the lucky ones – get to go on a language holiday to learn or improve their chosen language.

Language holidays have grown in popularity over the last few years with tailor-made breaks in iconic European cities like Rome or Paris and of course London and other famous cities in England.

A language break usually includes visits to particular places of interest, activities and entertainment and the all-important tutition. Breaks can be arranged for all age groups – young people and teenagers make up a large part of the summer school language holidays in England and there is now a trend for the more senior age group of age fifty plus as people of that age have more expendable income.  Breaks can range from a few days to several weeks and can also be designed around the particular interests, tastes and budgets of the people participating.

So where to go? Well, a language holiday in a beautiful and famous city like Rome will always provide excitement – and that’s great if you want to learn Italian of course! But English? Then surely you need to come to an English-speaking country and that could mean, well naturally, England.

There is a wide choice of English language holidays on the market. Many people choose to go to London for the fabulous history, cultural activities and sights.  But London is very expensive and although a ‘must see’ place on any visit to England, it is not the be all and end all of  a great English experience.

As mentioned earlier some of our great cities offer fantastic opportunities for a rewarding language holiday with Bath, Oxford, Cheltenham and Cambridge being popular destinations. Some smaller but no less important towns are often centres for language breaks and can offer the holiday maker wonderful opportunties for relaxation and engagement with a more authentic English experience.  Colchester, for expample, where I live is one such place and I have no hesitation in promoting the delights of holidaying in this historical, charming and vibrant town.

Here at Connect to English  we even offer to arrange language holidays, tailor-making them to suit your requirements and individual tastes, from nature breaks with English taking advantage of our wonderful countryside and local wildlife, historical language breaks with English showcasing what is the oldest recorded town in England and cultural breaks with English showing you the art, entertainment and cultural  aspects of our great area.

So, if you want to learn English in a truly authentic and relaxed way why not consider making your next holiday a visit to Colchester on an* English language holiday with us here at Connect to English?

Bye for now.

*For details visit our Holiday English page.