IELTS or TOEFL training courses

You can study on IELTS or TOEFL training courses with Connect to English in Colchester. These essential courses will help you prepare for entry into university or prepare you for work in the United Kingdom.

Connect to English can help train you for:

General IELTS Preparation

Academic IELTS Preparation (Students must have attained B2 level of English)

With IELTS or TOEFL training courses from Connect to English you can study for all four requisite skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening or choose to study to improve any individual skill in a promgramme designed especially for you.

You will get an IELTS training course tailored to your specific needs.  Lessons are taken on a one-to -one basis at your convenience.  You can enrol on a longer IELTS course or choose an intensive course to suit your specific requirements. 

You can also study for TOEFL with us. You can study some or all skills required to gain a good score in  TOEFL.

In all cases with an IELTS  or TOEFL training course from Connect to English you can be assured of getting highly-focused tuition with fast-track results.

You will learn in small groups and the course will run for 10 weeks. B2 level of English is required.

One-to one-Study Skills Courses

We can help you get ready for your new university with a personalised  Study Skills course.

You will improve your academic writing, note taking, listening and essay writing skills with this course escpecially which is designed for your specific needs.

For more information about any of these courses call us now on 01206 504277 or go to our contact page