English courses for Au-pairs


I would like to talk about a set of people who we have always worked with since we started Connect to English. These are the Au-pairs who work for families that live in or around Colchester. I would like to talk about the English courses for Au-pairs that we are planning for the New Year.


Reasons for study


Au-pairs usually need English improvement to be able to communicate better with their host families or to be able to study on other courses while they are here or when they go home. Sometimes they want to improve their English in order to enter a UK university or get a better job when they have finished their college course.


What can they study with us?


Courses with the Au-pairs we have taught have been on a one-to-basis so far (Au-pairs usually having set times when they are free) so we need to fit in with them, and will continue to do this in the future. However, excitingly, we have now decided to launch our first Improvers English for Au-Pairs Course. The course which will run for ten weeks is starting in April 2018.

On the course Au-pairs will be able to engage with others in a similar situation, improve their English speaking and communication skills and have a break from host family life. Classes will be in the evening, when Au-pairs generally have their free time.

So, if you have an Au-pair or are one yourself and want to get ahead in English, please call us on 01206 504277  or go to our contact box.

Thanks and see you soon.