Connect to English news monthly

Hello Readers,

I Hope you are all well.

I am going to start a Connect to English newsletter on my blog page keeping you up to date with what we are doing here and how things are going.  later I hope to have an proper newsletter published on the site, but for now, this is better than nothing at all.

So what’s happening?

Here at Connect to English we are a working language school first and foremost – when I’m not writing blog entries I do go out to students, both private and in the business community to teach them English and Spanish.

Currently, there are two Spanish language learning groups on the go – both Beginners. One of these takes place in a local restaurant as they need tuition for their staff. We have English clients too, for example, I am working with English conversation and Academic Presentation Skills for clients and am expecting to start English tuition early next year with groups of overseas students who need to improve for work purposes.

New Spanish for Beginners and  Spanish for Improvers groups are starting in January.  These will be evening class groups.  We are also hoping to continue working with the restaurant.

English Conversation groups are going to be new at Connect to English from January.  It is hoped that we can get groups of people together who want to improve their general speaking skills and feel more confident in communication.  (If you are staying in Colchester, England from next year and need to brush up on your conversation skills – why not come to our group?)

We are launching our new Intensive English Programme for Executives early next year.  This will be a tailor-made course for adult students wishing to take an English study break in Colchester. We are currently in negotiation with people from Spain who have English for Specific Purposes needs so we very much look forward to welcoming them to study here with us in Colchester.

(If you are interested in the above course or any of our other courses – please feel free to contact us.)

Perhaps you didn’t know we also offer a fast, efficient and good value Proofreading service (English) for web copy, publicity and academic essays and dissertations. Please feel free to get in touch if you have anything you need checking!

We are working with other local businesses in Colchester and further afield who are involved with education to help promote and support each other in these difficult ecomonic times and along with extensive networking, seminar attendances  and affilitation to various local business enterprise associations we are looking forward to a positive and fruitful 2013.

And that’s it for the moment.  I look forward to updating you with further news and goings on at Connect to English soon.

Bye for now and please keep reading and sending your comments!