Connect to English update

Hello All,

Just to give you a Connect to English update. We are currently very busy and we are starting to see an upsurge in enrollment. We like to think we are very adaptable at Connect to English and are always striving to give customers what they need. With this is mind we are currently holding English conversation courses, academic writing and grammar courses and advanced ESOL.  We are now also enrolling for a new ESOL for Beginners group course in the New Year.

It’s nice to know that we can offer customers exactly what fits in with their lifestyle and jobs. That’s why we try whenever possible to go out to our customers and take the language learning to them, saving them time and inconvenience when juggling work and family. Positive feedback in this suggests we ‘re doing it right!

Our Spanish tuition is ever-popular and we are planning to start a new course in Spanish for Beginners in January. This is in addition to our usual one- to-one courses in Spanish from Beginner to Intermediate.

We hope to continue to expand throughout next year and we will be looking to offer French and Italian language,  more Business English courses, Skype services for language learning and more exam English courses.

That’s all for now.

Talk soon