Business English-why you need it

Business English today can be an essential tool for your working life.  If you’re working in Britain, an English speaking country or indeed in other countries chances are you will be expected to be proficient in English to perform better in your role.

Perhaps you need  English for a specific job or career, English for project managment, marketing, or to make yourself better understood in your Customer Services role?  Whatever the reason,  having a command of Business English can really assist you in your chosen career path.


Business English can cover a very wide range of skills and applications, so for example a course for General Business English may include  telphone handling skills, writing reports and memos, making presentations and English for marketing whereas the next stage on, an Executive  Business English course could incorportate handling meetings, English for negotiation skills and English for management and recruitment.

In addition, and if necessary, courses can be bespoke to your particuar area of interest or job, so that for example, if you work in an administrative role, in sales or in a higher management position, the English you learn will directly reflect that role.


Whatever you need you can tailor-make your course to suit your specific requirements enuring you gain the maximum benefit from your classes.  Teachers of Business English will want to ensure that your course and experience will engender in you the confidence you need to go forward and prosper in the competitive world of business today.

Selecting the right skills

As in any language course pinpointing the right skills for a student is the language teachers first priority, so in a Business English course, one of the first things you can expect is to talk to your tutor about what type of skills you need and what you expect to achieve.  Tutors in Business English are usually very experienced and  have a wide knowledge of the types of aspects of English their students require.  This ‘needs analysis’ is a very important stage of designing your course and should be thoroughly entered into by both tutor and student ensuring you get the right  tuition.

So, to recap, if you need English for your career, think carefully about the skills and areas you need from your Business English course, discuss your aims and objectives with your tutor and prepare to enter the fascinating and rewarding world of Business with the tools you need to progress.